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What an improvement!  No longer do I have to kneel down in the dirt and then reach around the tires to attach the wheel covers.  My sleeves and pant knees were always getting dirty.  These Tire-Savers are so easy to use so I use them all the time.  M.R. Saugus, Calif.


Our poor A/C worked hard on hot days.  The windshield covers sure help with the heat.  Thanks.  K. C.  Simi Valley, Calif.


I like the tire covers.  They allow the air to circulate.  The flush mounting on the rig looks good and is simple to use.   Jerry.  Lancaster, Calif.


Installing Twist-Locks Fasteners
1. Tape up the covers. Using a pencil, draw a ring around the eyelet of the top-center fastener.
2. ....to make a "ring" on the fiberglass.
3. Hold twist-lock up to the "ring" just drawn.
4. Mark the rig where the two set-screws should go.
5. Make two 1/4" deep pilot holes using a 7/64" drill bit.
6. Fill the holes with silicone sealant, to prevent water leakage.
7. Attach the twist-lock to the body of the coach using the Phillips head, stainless steel set screws provided.
8. Mount the bottom-center fastener, then mount the four corner fasteners.
9. Mount the side covers in the same manner.
10. The job is complete!
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