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What an improvement!  No longer do I have to kneel down in the dirt and then reach around the tires to attach the wheel covers.  My sleeves and pant knees were always getting dirty.  These Tire-Savers are so easy to use so I use them all the time.  M.R. Saugus, Calif.


Our poor A/C worked hard on hot days.  The windshield covers sure help with the heat.  Thanks.  K. C.  Simi Valley, Calif.


I like the tire covers.  They allow the air to circulate.  The flush mounting on the rig looks good and is simple to use.   Jerry.  Lancaster, Calif.


Installation Tutorial

Sunguard RV Windshield Covers

Simple Tutorials

Sunguard RV covers are easy to install!

Start with this step by step process...

1. Temporarily tape your Sunguard covers over the windshield, where they will fit, using masking tape.

2. Using a pencil, mark the coach where the fasteners are to be located.

3. Prepare to attach the fasteners to the coach body. Use the detailed instructions at the following links...

Installing Snap Fasteners Tutorial - Click on the picture to see tutorial
Installing Twist- Lock Fastener Tutorial - Click on the picture to see the tutorial.
Installation using pre-existing fastners - Click on the picture to see the tutorial

4. Mount the top-center fastener above the windshield first.

5. Mount the bottom-center fastener and then the four (4) corner fasteners in this order. The windshield is done!

6. Mount the side covers in the same way. Job complete

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