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What an improvement!  No longer do I have to kneel down in the dirt and then reach around the tires to attach the wheel covers.  My sleeves and pant knees were always getting dirty.  These Tire-Savers are so easy to use so I use them all the time.  M.R. Saugus, Calif.


Our poor A/C worked hard on hot days.  The windshield covers sure help with the heat.  Thanks.  K. C.  Simi Valley, Calif.


I like the tire covers.  They allow the air to circulate.  The flush mounting on the rig looks good and is simple to use.   Jerry.  Lancaster, Calif.


Frequently Asked Questions
Custom made RV Windshield Covers are usually shipped within 2 to 3 weeks.  They are always custom made especially for you, the customer. If you need your order RUSHED to you, just let us know in advance.  We will do our best.

USPS is our choice for shipping.  Recently, they have been giving us the best service and price.   For our Canadian customers, we are sorry.  We gave up.  Your customs department started charging a $100 tariff on top of all the other charges.  This makes us non-compeditive. Sorry, but we can only ship within the continental USA .

Sunguard™12 Year Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee

Sunguard 12-Year Warranty Sunguard products carry 12-year limited warranties for their original owners. Sunguard warrants all Sunguard products against manufacturing defects such as excessive rotting, fading, cracking, and tearing. If a Sunguard product becomes unusable due to a defect within 12 years from it's date of original purchase, we will replace or repair the defective item at no charge. In extremely minor cases of sun damages, we will repair or replace the item on a pro-rata basis. Please call 1-888-SUNGUARD in advance for a return authorization and the correct shipping address. Please include a copy of your original sales receipt. Please ship the item(s) via insured, prepaid UPS or Parcel Post. And please indicate the return control number on your shipping label.

Sunguard 30-Day Return Policy

If you're not satisfied with an item, please return it for a prompt and courteous refund, modification or exchange, within 30-days. Our return policy does not begin until the day you receive your merchandise. Please call toll-free in advance, for a return control number and the correct return address. Please return products in good condition, in original boxes if possible, and with all paperwork via insured, prepaid UPS or Parcel Post. Please indicate the return control number on your shipping label. We will credit your original method of payment for the full price you paid for the merchandise returned.

Care and Maintenance

Sunguard RV windshield covers, rv tire covers, windshield wiper covers, and other covers are easy to care for. Made of 100% woven vinyl-coated polyester, they're very rugged and durable. Whenever the rig is washed, Sunguard covers may simply be sponged down along with the rig. After rinsing, they can be removed and set aside to dry while the windows are washed.

Most store-brand carwash detergents work fine. For tougher stains, 1 tbsp. liquid dish detergent and 2 tbsp. bleach can be mixed in a gallon of water. Sunguard fabric can be wiped with a sponge or soft cloth dipped in this solution, and rinsed with water.

To remove tar or tree sap, try using a little WD-40®-type spray. "Dissolve-it®" is an excellent nonabrasive, oil-based cleaner generally available at your local home center or hardware store. After using an oil-based cleaner, be sure to follow up with a mild detergent-based cleaner, such as car-wash or dish detergent. Avoid contact with suntan oils or similar lotions, as they may cause accelerated product aging. If contact occurs, clean promptly.

Sunguards should never be put in a washer or dryer! After cleaning, simply put them in the sunshine and allow them to dry naturally. They sun-dry very quickly and will keep their shape and last far longer.

What if a cover doesn't fit properly?

Sunguards are custom-made according to patterns on file. And although every effort is made to assure excellent, custom fitting covers on every order, we apologize if you receive one which does not fit properly. If this happens, please call Customer Service immediately with the Sunguards handy. We may ask you for some pattern codes (located on the rear of our covers). We may ask you to explain the disparity to us over the phone. Generally, weÕll be able to remake the correct cover(s) immediately by using alternate patterns on file. We may ask you to draw the modifications needed on the covers. Occasionally, we may need new patterns, which you can prepare for us to facilitate the order. Patterns are not difficult to make, and we can send you pattern paper if needed.

Product Storage

Sunguard RV covers are easy to store!Sunguard RV covers are easy to store!1. Fold the windshield cover vertically in the middle, matching the outside corners (this is the only cover that should ever be folded).
2. Fold the windshield cover vertically in the middle, matching the outside corners (this is the only cover that should ever be folded).
3. Roll them up as tight as possible, in an effort to prevent creasing.
4. Place them in their storage bag for traveling.
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