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What an improvement!  No longer do I have to kneel down in the dirt and then reach around the tires to attach the wheel covers.  My sleeves and pant knees were always getting dirty.  These Tire-Savers are so easy to use so I use them all the time.  M.R. Saugus, Calif.


Our poor A/C worked hard on hot days.  The windshield covers sure help with the heat.  Thanks.  K. C.  Simi Valley, Calif.


I like the tire covers.  They allow the air to circulate.  The flush mounting on the rig looks good and is simple to use.   Jerry.  Lancaster, Calif.


Welcome to RVSungard.com

We all love the Sun until it's baking us to death or destroying dashboards, upholstery, colors, and even the tires.  We want to be able to see out, but also have some privacy and sun protection.  Recreational vehicles windshield covers and RV tire covers will do the job.

Right Now!  FREE wiper-savers with your Sungard 3-PIECE RV Windshield cover order, and with ALL Windshield Cover orders a FREE cover bag,  value $35.  Don't wait. Order Now.  See windshield cover page.

RV Windshield Covers
RV Windshield Covers by Sunguard block the sun and allow you to keep your view, but more importantly, they prevent sun rot, cool the interior of your motorhome and add privacy! Sunguard windshield covers for recreational vehicles are the superior choice in quality RV covers with over 98,000 satisfied customers. They block out an enormous amount of the sun's heat, light and damaging ultraviolet rays and dramatically reduce solar heat gain by as much as 94%. You can see out and enjoy your view: however, your neighbors won't be able to see inside your coach, affording you total daytime privacy! All Sunguard wind shield covers are custom made, and tailored to fit your particular year, make and model motor home. Easy to follow instructions for installation on your rig are included. To read more, use the links below ...

Block the sun, not the air. Our Tire-Savers™ are made with genuine Sunguard™ Solar Screen 94% Hi-Density material. They're the perfect solution to the rapid sun-rot and deterioration of your tires.

The sun is unmerciful to rubber and ultraviolet rays are persistently burning away at your tire investment! The most efficient way to increase tire life is to stop the penetration of UV rays without cutting off the oxygen flow around the rubber.

Other companies make RV tire savers, but most other RV tire covers are made of lower-grade vinyl and rarely provide enough ventilation. Air circulates freely through our Tire-Savers™, so your tires get proper ventilation. To use ordinary tire covers, you also generally need to kneel down & wrap them around your tires, possibly on wet grass or gravel! It's easy to snag or dirty-up your sleeves when you have to get under your wheel wells. With Tire-Savers™, it's a snap! Just walk up and snap them on, you never need to bend down!

Lastly, ordinary "slip-on" RV tire covers are difficult to store, because of their bulk, since there are many seams and sides to the product. Sunguard Tire-Saversª are "flat", so they're easy to store. You simply roll them up and tuck them away in their storage bag.

Compared to most other brands of tire covers, Sunguard™ Tire-Savers™ work better, look classier, last longer & come with the same 6 full year warranty as with most other Sunguard™ products!

Choose from 9 colors and 2 fastener options.

Sunguard brand mirror savers put your mirrors in the shade. Add years to the appearance of your mirrors. Slip on a set of Mirror-Savers today-and protect your mirrors from the sun's powerful UV rays!

Sunguardª brand wiper boots put your blades in the shade. Add years to the life of your wiper blades! Slip on a set of Wiper-Saversª today-and protect your wiper blades from the sun's powerful UV rays!

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